About Us  
        Back to the year 2007, I came to Phi -Phi Island as a technician of the PEA- Krabi who guided the survey team to operate the submarine cable there.  At that time, there was no electricity directly from the plant but only form the electric generator, which was used in needed.
        When I arrived to the Island on the gulf of Loh- Ba- Kao, there were few people there. The first impression appeared while I was putting my feet on the calm beach and the hidden natural beauty behind the peaceful atmosphere. Since after that I have been there for several times regarding to my work and stared to be familiar with local people later on. They are all, who are leaders of community and general people, friendly and have a great hospitality to visitors.
         In the year of 2009, I met the inspired person: Jeaw or known him as RED TUNA. He showed up while I was running the restaurant business in Krabi town. Then he persuaded me visiting Phi Phi Island again with my pleasure to back there.
         Visiting an old friend inspired me to create the small restaurant on the Island. Although it did not generate a big income, I felt that working is similar to relaxing. Therefore RED TUNA, a small restaurant was opened in 2010.
         Because of the simplicity, peacefulness and people’s warm hospitality, PP RED TUNAHUT then is created on the water side space, where I used to sit back and relax. Here is what make PP RED TUNA HUT become a must –stay on the Phi Phi Island.

         Our guests will bring back the warmly welcome, Thai gracious, tranquility and fresh seafood beside the beautiful beach and Island. Let’s make it be in your long last memory.
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